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We are committed to producing high-quality products, and every step from raw material procurement to production goes through strict quality control.


Normally delivery condition is forged, quenched & temped or pre-harden, black Surface, 4 sides milled or with screw drilled as required. The block is of good machine-ability, low toughness and homogenous structure, hardness uniformity in guaranteed.

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Our products exhibit reliable performance, stable performance, and high durability in use, capable of meeting various complex environments and requirements.


We have a professional team that provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, including technical support, quality assurance, and solutions, to ensure that customers can use our products with confidence.

Plastic mould steel in big block shape is one of the featured products in UNI-WAY regular mould steel products, especially the core hardness control process is stable and continuously accepted by customers in Europe, the United States and Asia.


Steel Grade: P20/1.2311, P20+Ni/ 1.2738 and etc.

Shape: Block

Size Range: Thickness: 200-800mm

Application: For oversize, large-size plastic moulds with high precision, long life cycle requirement; for mould frames for plastic and die casting moulds.

Quality: UT, hardness 100% inspected on every part before delivery.


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