Since 2009

Since 2009, on the basis of Ferro-alloy import, UNI-WAY RESOURCE made solid progress step by step, an professional Engineering & Service team has been established and certified by ISO 9001:2015, acquired our own ESR melting workshop, rely on supply chain building & management, high level product, like hot work steel (4Cr5MoSiV1/H13/1.2344/SKD61), 4130 forged bar per API - 6a having been produced steadily, product quality been quite accepted by customers in worldwide. 

Regarding supply chain building & management, according to customers’ specification, we chaining up qualified melting workshop (including our own melting workshop) / forging workshop / heat-treatment workshop and machining workshop together, to make a complete supply chain, combine with our quality and budget control method to form our specialty on quality, delivery and price. 

Besides import & export business, we never let go of our mission to contribute in steel industry. UNI-WAY summarizes the rich experience on product research and quality control for these years, while absorbing abroad advanced technology, and finally we integrated domestic latest high technology and advanced equipments, developed “ZHAN XUAN" tool steel including “RARETOP” series hot work tool steel, aiming to manufacture same high-level products as other leaders in the world. Now this series hot work steel quality is becoming widely accepted by our customers. 

Feature products:

1.    Engineering steel bars per API 6a for oil&gas like 4130, 4145 etc..
2.    Engineering steel forged bars, per DNV, LR, GL, ABS, RINA …like S355J2G3, 42CrMo4, C45 etc..
3.    Tool & Die steel, especially hot work steel(H13/1.2344), we supply variety of hot work steel, like level A (normal quality), A+ (per ASTM 681) and A++( extra fine structures per NADCA 207-2003) , cold work steel like 1.2379, 1.2080 also available.
4.    Plastic mold steel plate & Block, like 1.2738, 1.2311, 1.2312, S50C etc.
5.    Bright bars, for all steel grades, precision level h9-h11.

6.    Other extension service like forgings and machining parts etc. 

7.    Aluminum Die-casting Die and extrusion die.


We developed our own product brand ”ZHAN XUAN" including “RARETOP” series hot work tool steel with IMR, adopting IMR two key technologies (Defect Free Casting Technology and Mixed RE modification process) for improving steel performance, which is remarkably enhances high impact toughness and isotropic prosperities and presenting longer steel service life.

R&D and Q&C:

1.    UNI-WAY contributes in transferring scientific achievements of IMR (our partner) into market product. We have successfully applied Mixed RE modification, Defect Free Casting Technology of IMR and new ESR technology from metallurgy lab in Dongbei University into production for high-level tool steel, which lead to surprising good results.
2.    ISO9001:2015 certificated
3.    Professional quality control & management team in our own inspection center