Professional Team

We have teamed up with professional steel engineers with 27+ years’ experience and senior project managers, offering efficient and satisfying custom service.

Why choose us

Established in 2009, started with Ferro-alloy import, UNI-WAY has made solid progress step by step, and professional Engineering & Service team has been built and certified by ISO 9001, rely on supply chain building and professional management, high level products have been produced steadily, product quality has been quite accepted by customers in worldwide. 

Reliable manufacturer

We have passed strict quality testing and certification.

Industry authoritative certification

The product quality meets the standards.

Flexible customized services

Provide personalized solutions based on the different needs and requirements of customers.

The formation of a complete supply chain

Customized supply chain construction

We have established a supply chain that meets specific standards according to customer requirements, and connect smelting plants, forging plants, heat treatment plants, and rough and precision machining plants together to form a complete and professional manufacture supply chain.

Quality and Budget Control

We have combined our unique quality and budget control methods to form professional service in supply chain quality, delivery, and pricing. We continuously optimize our supply chain to ensure that our products always meet customer needs and are delivered to customers with the highest quality, optimal time, and optimal price.

Advantages of Supply Chain

Our one-stop supply chain management eliminates the need for customers to manage multiple suppliers, thereby reducing management costs and improving efficiency. At the same time, our supply chain optimization capabilities can also help customers accelerate the development cycle of new products and quickly respond to market demand.

Dedicated to R&D of API oil and gas steels for 10+ years

Thorough study of API technical specification and know well the production technology.

Secured sufficient reduction ratio, 100% mechanical properties, hardness and UT inspected pass before delivery.

Strictly control the heat treatment temperature, transfer time, and insulation time according to requirements.

Research and Development on high-end tool steels

UNI-WAY has developed our own hot work tool steels by cooperating with some institutions to improve steel performance, which is remarkably enhancing high impact toughness and isotropic prosperities and presenting longer steel service life. Now this series hot work steel quality is becoming widely accepted by our customers. 





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