Devoted to special steel & raw material industry for 13+ years

A professional engineering and service team

We have established integrated customer service system including thoughtful pre-sales, detailed progress management, patient after-sales, offering customer with one-stop solution from raw material to final steel products.

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Established in 2009, started with Ferro-alloy import, UNI-WAY has made solid progress step by step, and professional Engineering & Service team has been built and certified by ISO 9001, rely on supply chain building and professional management, high level products have been produced steadily, product quality has been quite accepted by customers in worldwide. Regarding supply chain building & management,  based on customers’ specification, we have chained up qualified melting workshop / forging workshop / heat-treatment workshop and machining workshop together to make a complete supply chain, combined with our quality and budget control method to form our specialty on quality, delivery and price.

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Customer customization and thoughtful service

We will have a deep understanding of customer needs and provide customized services based on their specific requirements, providing thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure that customer satisfaction reaches the highest level.


Fast delivery time and safe transportation

We adopt the most advanced logistics management system to ensure that orders can be completed quickly and accurately, and all products are safely guaranteed during transportation, ensuring maximum protection of customer interests.


Professional team and multilingual services

We have an experienced and professional team that can provide consultation and services to clients in multiple languages and ensure compliance with regulations and requirements in different countries and regions.

Why Choose Us

Global supply chain network and high-quality resources

We have established a strong global supply chain network and collaborated with multiple high-quality steel manufacturers to ensure that customers receive the highest quality steel products and services.

Competitive prices and high cost-effectiveness

Provide competitive prices and cost-effective steel products and services.

Professional pre-sales solutions

Offer customers with thoughtful solution at the beginning of project, suggest from custom chemical composition to machining tolerance, from technology process optimization to cost saving.

Timely project management report

Proceed with strict project management schedule and report weekly, response quickly upon any matter happened during project and production and solve problem at soonest.

100% Inspection before delivery

Professional, efficient, and reliable, it can help customers discover and solve problems in a timely manner, ensuring product quality and safety.

We believe that our work creates shared value for customers and society.

We provide comprehensive technical support and services, including technical consultation, product selection, application solutions,technology progress improvement and, which can help customers solve problems and improve work efficiency.

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Our history

Cooperative customer evaluation

David Client

We chose this UNI-WAY's steel products because they have high quality and stability, which can meet our specific requirements and needs. After use, our product quality has been significantly improved, and customer feedback is also very good

Michael Client

We have been using this UNI-WAY's steel products because their size and shape are very precise and can meet our special needs. At the same time, their prices are also very reasonable and can help us reduce costs

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