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We are committed to producing high-quality products, and every step from raw material procurement to production goes through strict quality control.


The hot work tool steel is with high toughness and heat fatigue resistance and good resistance to high temperature metal abrasion.

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Our products exhibit reliable performance, stable performance, and high durability in use, capable of meeting various complex environments and requirements.


We have a professional team that provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, including technical support, quality assurance, and solutions, to ensure that customers can use our products with confidence.

We provide clients with medium and high-end hot work tool steels, based on product needs, we customize ingredients (rare earth may be added ) and composite production process, in order to improve mould life cycle, improve mold processing efficiency, reduce the cost of each final product, offering customized services, and also proceed with clients’ common needs of production, with mature and reliable technology. Most of our hot work toos steels are sold to Europe and the United States.


Steel Grade: H13/1.2344//SKD61

Shape: Round, Flat, Block.

Size Range: Round: Dia60-650mm;  Flat/Block: T25-245mm x W120-670mm

Application: Extrusion Die, die casting mould, die casting machine tube and liner, mirror harden mold, wear-resistant workpiece, tools such as shield machine ring, tube rolling machine moving mandrel, etc.

Quality: UT, hardness 100% inspected on every part before delivery.


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